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hon-hon-baguette-eiffel-tower asked:

Could you guys come look at this theory of mine about super smash bros and the argument I'm having about it with some girl who keeps saying nonsensical things? It should be the first thing on my blog if you click on my icon thank you very much.


New characters confirmed for the new Smash Bros game:

  • Nathan Drake
  • Pong Paddle
  • The Yellow Angry Bird
  • Flappy Bird
  • Flappy Doge
  • Master Chief
  • Doctor Who
  • The Red Angry Bird
  • Darth Vader
  • Darth Vader (from Angry Birds Star Wars)

Hopefully this settled your debate. Thank you.


i laugh harder every time i replay it

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They say I have a sweet ass, nice tits, a real pretty dress. They say I’m their future wife, or I’d look good with their dick in my mouth. They try (and probably succeed at times) to take pictures down my shirt. They ask if they can get my number, they ask where I live, why I’m not smiling, why my boyfriend lets me walk around by myself. Then they ask why I’m such a bitch, if my pussy is made of ice. They say that they never do this, as though I’ve somehow driven them to inappropriate behavior and deserve it. They say they’re just having fun, trying to pay me a compliment. Pretty frequently they get mean, slipping into a loud tourettes-like chant of bitch-whore-cunt-slut.

Before you try to tell me that it’s because I take my clothes off for a living, let me tell you that this started way before I was 18. Let me tell you that every single woman I know has at least one truly terrifying story of street harassment and a whole bunch of other stories that are merely insulting or annoying. Let me remind you that in a room of pornography fans, who have actually seen me with a dick in my mouth and who can buy a replica of my vagina in a can or box, I am treated with far more respect than I am walking down the street.


if i saw stoya i’d be like youre amazing! and then ask for a hug.

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